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HI! I’m Alli.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! You may have already browsed through a variety of my past work, so allow me to introduce myself...

I am currently a Producer for and formerly the Senior Producer for Creative Content at Crate&Barrel Corporate.

At Wayfair’s studio, we are a large group with endless energy and creativity. My position within the studio allows me to help produce within all mediums, eg. 3D, digital, video, print, social, etc. I love the chaotic multitasking and perfecting the right creative process for each project to get completed on time.

In a past life, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Photography with studies in Advertising Art Direction from Columbia College Chicago and have led positions in both the photography and design industry such as Groupon, Inc. and Maes Studio. My work is mostly emphasized in commercial imagery for the housewares and furniture industry, food photography and information design.

I also hold many unique trades in my back pocket. I used to be a professional ballet dancer, a working pastry chef, I have run several marathons, was a competitive rower, and before moving to Ohio, I rode my bike to work nearly everyday.

Basically, if you need me for a job, I can most likely pull it off.

Feel free to get in touch.

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